Churches Together in Epsom

Prayers for Website 2018

by Revd. Canon Adrian Esdaile


In this first month of the year, Lord of Light – shine on us;

Lord of peace – live in us; Lord of power – help us;

Lord of love – enfold us; Lord of wisdom – enlighten us

Then, Lord Let us be your witnesses;

Let us be obedient to your will; Let us follow a path to unity;

Let us seek peace in our troubled world; So that there may be a new creation, one body in you That the world may believe. Amen


Keep us in peace, O Christ our God; Save us from all that may harm us,

Visible and invisible; Make us worthy of your love and compassion;

Fill our hearts with thanksgiving for all that you have done for us;

Guide us as the days pass with the gift of your Holy Spirit.

The love of God, the peace of God, the warmth of God, The Surprise of God, The Completeness of God, Be among us and within us now and for ever, Amen


Lord, help us this Lent, to understand more of your love for us;

To deepen our knowledge of you; To share the message of the Gospel.

To find unity among our Churches; To worship you with praise and thanksgiving. Amen


We give thanks, O God our Father, for the glorious resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ, from the dead. Lord, we can hardly take in the meaning of it all the victory over sin and death his risen presence in our lives, day by day and hour by hour let alone that wonderful hope and promise of life with him for ever. Lord, teach us to rejoice in that new life every day of our lives. Amen


Lord Jesus, you came from heaven and return to it again. We rejoice in that return to the glory of heaven. We give thanks that you took on yourself our troubled humanity and now carry it back with you into life eternal. The scars of your saving work on the cross and still upon you.

It is as if you are preparing the way for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us and upon our Churches. Give us the strength and refreshment of that power of your Holy Spirit and keep us open to fresh demands that you make on us to serve you in this world and in the life to come. Amen


Lord, in this period of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Let us all join in the celebrations with thankfulness and praise to you for all that she and the Royal Family do or our country and for the Commonwealth. Lord, bless her and all that she does in your name. Give our country the spirit of tolerance, care and love that we need now and may everything that we do be to your Glory and in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen


Father, we are all in need of healing. We open ourselves to your love, mercy and compassion. Do with us whatever you wish to do. Revive us in our tiredness; calm us in our anxiety; make us hopeful in our despair, forgive us in our guilt; fill us in our emptiness; guide us when we are lost; we ask this through Jesus Christ our Saviour


Lord, this month of November is for remembering. Help us to remember the prayers and the goodness of the saints and deepen our own love for you; help us to remember those whom we have known and loved, but who have now died – and nurture us as we recall their example to us; help us to remember those who have died in war for our country and grant peace in our troubled world now; above all help us to remember the life, death and resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ, through whom comes our salvation


Lord, this Season of Advent is, for many, a time of great busyness. Help us to find time for stillness and quiet as we wait for your coming. We wait as you asked us to do. We wait for your coming in the clouds of heaven at the end of time; we wait for your coming into our world which is in such great need now; we wait for your coming and birth at Bethlehem at that time; we wait for your coming into our hearts now, giving us hope and peace and love at this special time.


Prayer for the Churches

There is an opportunity when any Epsom Christians can come together for prayer for the Churches in Epsom.


It is on the first Monday in each month at 9.15 am in St Martin's Church, Church Street.

All will be welcome.


The time will begin with a short ecumenical morning service from the Northumbrian Community which will be followed by prayer for the Churches.

Other Opportunities for Prayer in the Churches of Epsom

These are occasion when outsiders are always welcome to join the group praying

Christ Church, Epsom Common

 Monday – Friday (except Wednesday at 9 am)

 Wednesday 9.30 am Holy Communion

 Please check weekly notices on Christ Church, Epsom Common website

Methodist Church

Silent Prayer is Mondays at 10.30

Also Wednesday 10.30 am, Silent Prayer followed by a visit to Roots Cafe within the Methodist Church for a coffee

St Barnabas, Temple Road

 Monday – Thursday, 9 am, Morning Prayer

St Joseph’s, Margaret Drive

 Monday – Friday, Eucharistic Adoration, 10 am – 12 noon

 (not during school holidays)

Weekday Masses 10.00am - Monday to Saturday

Times may vary - please check the parish newsletter for updates.


Parking is not permitted in the access road leading up to the church.

St Martin’s, Church Street

 Monday – Saturday 9.15 am, Morning Prayer

 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 5 pm, Evening Prayer

 Every Wednesday 10.30 am Holy Communion

 2nd Tuesday in the month at 11 am Contemplative Prayer Group

 4th Thursday in the month at 8 pm Contemplative Prayer Group


Contemplative Prayer Group - Led by Revd. Canon Adrian Esdaile

Martin's Church twice a month is a Contemplative Prayer Group. The method used is that of the Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11 am and the 4th Thursday at 8 pm, in the Lady Chapel at the Church.

All are welcome to this ecumenical group.

Contemplative Prayer Group Meet at St Martin’s Church Epsom





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