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Churches Together in Ewell --- WELCOME YOU

Christ Church invites everyone to join them on Sunday,

16th July at 6.30 for their Picnic Praise. 


Pilgrimage to Iona 28 July to 5 August 2017


A place on the above pilgrimage to Iona for one man in a twin room has become available at short notice due to the death following a long illness of the wife of one of the group.


The pilgrimage is organised by Revd. Haydon Wilcox of Guildford Anglican diocese, who has asked for the place to be advertised.


The pilgrimage costs around £1,000.


Please would you advertise this in your churches, and if anyone in your congregation or anyone else you know is interested.

contact Revd. Haydon Wilcox directly by email at haydonwilcox@mac.com or phone on 01252 621639, for more information.

Please note that the place is only for one man.


Thank you very much.

Janet Roberts - CTiE representative, St. Barnabas



Between Ascension and Pentecost, the Archbishop of Canterbury invites all Christians to gather together to pray that more people will come to know Christ.

This initiative has been embraced by the Catholic Bishops and this year, St. Joseph’s Epsom  hosted a service on the 28th May 2017, Ascension Sunday

The event started with hot drinks and cake provided by the different churches.

The central cake was cut by the Bishop of Guildford (Very Revd Andrew Watson), who then left for another appointment.

The congregation in attendance watched a short video by the ABC describing the thinking behind the "Thy Kingdom Come" initiative.

This was followed by a service of reflection and prayer, led by the Revd Sue Loveday ***, Ecumenical Coordinator of Churches Together in Surrey.

The Baptist Regional Minister (Revd Stuart Davison) gave a short reflection and time was allocated for everyone to visit the four Prayer Stations around the church.

Each 'Prayer Station' offered guided symbolic involvement for those who wished to take part. Liturgy and Taize style music, (ably assisted by the Ruxley Anglican Methodist musicians and singers from across Surrey) who linked the service.

All attending were encouraged to publicize the Beacon Event of "Thy Kingdom Come" to be held at Guildford Cathedral on Sunday 4th June 2017 (free tickets from www.guildford-cathedral.org) see below

Meryl Smith,  Epsom Methodist Church CTiE Representative

Note ***

Churches Together in Surrey is the intermediate ecumenical body for the administrative county of Surrey excluding the Borough of Spelthorne (which lies north of the Thames and which belongs to West London Church link) but including those parts of Hampshire which are in the Anglican Diocese of Guildford.

Covenant between the leaders of Churches Together in Surrey 2003:

"We invite all Christians in Surrey and North East Hampshire to join with us in rededicating themselves to the God who calls us to a more visible unity in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to his praise and glory. Amen."

With Prayer anything is possible

Have you ever been caught in a wave and felt the surge of the water swirling around you as you’re swept to the shore?

Waves are a powerful force, a bit like prayer. They may start small on a distant horizon and build into a huge breaker.

But unlike waves, with prayer anything is possible...

The days between Pentecost and Ascension are traditionally a time when the Church focuses on prayer.

 Just as the first disciples gathered after they had watched Jesus ascend into heaven, it says in Acts 1.14 “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus…”

The vision for Thy Kingdom Come builds on this tradition and aims to see the whole family of God joining together to pray for the Holy Spirit to help them as witnesses to Jesus Christ and to play a part in the renewal of the nations and the transformation of communities.
Our experience is that when people come together to pray amazing things happen. It doesn't matter who you are, there are so many ways to take part whether you're praying with your family and exploring new ways to talk to God, or if you're a student making time to pray in a different part of the day.

We have ideas for commuters too with prayer prompts coming direct to your phone and for people who love the outdoors there are resources for organising a prayer walk or creating new prayer spaces wherever you want.

"We're asking people to pray in whatever way they want, with whoever they want and wherever they can, that others might know Jesus Christ."

 said the Archbishop Justin Welby

The main thing is to pray and that is such a simple thing to do.

Last year many churches hosted whole weeks of 24-7 prayer – some for the first time or in partnership with others. Others hosted prayer days, special events and half nights of prayer.

Project leader for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Evangelism Task Group, Emma Buchan, said, “What Thy Kingdom Come did was give people time and space outside their normal worshipping patterns to come closer to God and we heard many stories of the deep impact it had on people’s lives. I think some of us have forgotten the importance of praying regularly and intentionally for our friends to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

One woman in a parish in Kent said although she had approached the prayer events at her church with some uncertainty she was transformed by the experience.

“What awakened in me as part of my night shifts of prayer was a deep sense of belonging, of being cared for," she said, "and to my surprise at 3am when my two hours ended, I slept well and in the morning I was full of energy.” 


“Prayer for the Churches” is a small group of members from the Baptist, Catholic, Anglican (not from an Epsom Church) and Quaker who meet once a month to pray for the needs of the Churches in Epsom.

This has been running since 2010 visiting each Church in turn, usually on the third Monday of the month at 10.30 am for an hour of prayer and then refreshments.

They need extra support from all traditions but particularly those not represented above. The following two months are already planned - Thursday 18th May at 8pm the Christian Fellowship Church; Monday June 19th at the Society of Friends.

If you have a heart for prayer and would like to be involved please contact either

Juliet Galipeau 01372 812475 julipg@ntlworld.com

or Elizabeth Martin 0208 3932985 ravenswood010@btinternet.com

see also here


Monday, 3rd July  at 7.30  Church Together Council Meeting at St Josephs Church, Epsom at 7.30 pm.  Agenda will follow.


Quiz Night for Christian Aid a report

The evening of 20th May 2017 saw the tenth running of our Quiz Night for Christian Aid, this date chosen as it was the last Saturday of this year’s Christian Aid Week which this year happened to be its 60th Anniversary.

 Ten years ago we started running a Quiz Night as an alternative to door-to-door collections for our church’s (Epsom U.R.C.) efforts at fund-raising, and we soon found it was a preferable way to raise funds as well as being a pleasurable way to have a fun evening in good company.

This year we attracted just 47 people to the event, a not very satisfactory number considering the advertising. But this was enough to field eight tables, and eight teams joined in friendly competition to answer Quiz-Master Malcolm Saunders’ very well chosen questions

The teams could follow their progress, as round followed round, on a screen showing the state of play on a computerised scoreboard.

Halfway through there was a break for supper of fish and chips or chicken and chips, provided by ‘Mr Chips’ of Chessington, prepared to their usual high standard. This was followed by a choc-ice – one quizzer was heard to say “This is the only Quiz Night I’ve been to where they give you a pudding!”

After six rounds of questions – and a well-supported raffle for a good selection of prizes – the race was run, and we are pleased to record that the winning table was the one led by Pam Buckingham, from Christ Church. Well done, Pam and friends!

And when everything had been cleared away and the bills paid and cash counted, we found that the amount we were able to donate from Epsom U.R.C. to Christian Aid was £404.51 – a very good result with which we were very pleased. And isn’t it better than door-to-door collection? You know it is!

I have only one question: why do so many people leave it to the last week before telling me that they are coming?

Alan Wood 


 Available from Dovecote Book Shop -  enquiries@dovecotebookshop.co.uk


Epsom Christian Fellowship the New Ecumenical Youth Group to start in September 2017:

Dear All

Epsom Christian Fellowship have kindly offered to host the group as they already have youth club equipment in a suitable building.

 The plan is to begin the new group with the start of the September 2017 school year.

We wish to raise the profile of this venture, so you would like to come and see the church hall you would be very welcome.

Finally, without adult leaders we have no group, so please ask people to prayerfully

consider if this is where God wants them to be serving Him and having lots of fun at the same time.

Please join with us in praying for young people who will want to join the group and make it an exciting and vibrant.

We look forward to hearing from you, please either email :- dawndavies63@ymail.com or call 0790 6935364.

Thank you for your support. Dawn Davies & Neil Dunlop


Epsom Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival 2017

This year’s event will be called ‘Epsom Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival 2017’ and will be held 7th to 15th October.

We would like to welcome as many of you possible to our planning meetings and below are the dates:

All the meetings start at 12noon at St Barnabas and lunch will be provided

Many of the activities are held at St Barnabas Church

Epsom Mental Health Week was established to promote a better understanding of mental health and to reduce the misunderstanding, fear and stigma which surround it. Activities include workshops, talks, music, drama, dance and film.

More information - http://www.lovemelovemymind.org.uk/

Planning meetings Dates for Mental Health Week 2017

St Barnabas Church. Everyone is welcome. from 12 noon - 2 pm to include lunch

 17th July and 4th September


10th September 6.30 Second Thoughts at St Martins.

The Very Revd. Dr. Andris Abakuks and Revd. Canon Adrian Esdaile

Martin Luther and the Reformation by the Very Revd. Dr. Andris Abakuks

31st October, 2017, is the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 theses by Martin Luther in the German town of Wittenberg, an event that is commonly commemorated as the starting point of the Reformation.

The talk will be about the life and work of Martin Luther and the beginnings of the Reformation.

Andris is the Dean of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain. In 2014 the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad signed the Porvoo Agreement, an agreement of communion between Anglican and Lutheran Churches in Europe.

Andris is the representative of his church on the Porvoo Contact Group. On the basis of the Porvoo Agreement, Andris has been granted Permission to Officiate in the Diocese of Guildford by Bishop Andrew. Andris lives in Epsom and before he retired was a Lecturer in Statistics at Birkbeck College, University of London.


The Fellowship in 2017 Who is Who in CTiE

Click above for present and past members


If you have attended any of the previous Women's World Day of Prayer then browse some of them HERE


What to bring - our 'wanted list' of long life, in date food is as follows:

Tinned or long life sponge puddings, Tinned potatoes, Tinned fruit, Tinned pies, Ketchup/brown sauce, Honey/jam/ chocolate spread, Treats, Biscuits, Shampoo/conditioner, Soap, Feminine products, Baby toiletries/food, Dried rice, Sugar, Condiments - small size oil, salt, pepper, mixed herbs, vinegar

The Epsom & Ewell Foodbank urgently needs the following items: 

Washing up liquid, Washing powder and liquid, Men’s deodorant, Shaving foam, Dog food, Cooking sauces (not pasta sauce), UHT fruit juice, Powdered milk, Sugar (500g)

WE DO NOT NEED baked beans, dried pasta, soup, tuna, dried rice, pulses, chocolate spread, baby wipes or nappies.

Many thanks for your support

New information about Food Bank is here


Sunday, 17th September Fun Day at Hook Arena - help needed to set up, strike and to run garden games (nothing energetic) and to talk to people during the day